One Kid, One Class
Learning Without Boundaries

One Kid, One Class
Learning Without Boundaries

About Us

Welcome to OneClass

We believe that learning should never be some dry and daunting schoolwork, but a fun and exciting adventure !

A Private Tutor For Your Child

Every child has a unique learning style. OneClass offers private one-on-one tutoring for all grades. We create lessons that cover all learning types to make sure that no child is left behind. We match private tutors who have experience working with the same learning style as your child's to make learning more effective !

Learning Chinese and spelling the words

Our professional Chinese teachers guide students interesting conversations and write down Chinese words. We will let students finish the sentence through their imagination and introduce the culture differences. Regarding content, from student life to famous activities, we hope students can all enjoy learning Chinese and get involved with the cultural.

Providing Rich Educational Resources

OneClass is an online language tutoring subsidiary of Nan I Book Enterprise. Nan I Book Enterprise is one of the oldest publishers, with a history of publishing excellence spanning six decades. Since printing our first book in 1981, our success has been driven by academic pedigree, unparalleled editorial experience, quality production processes, and innovation.

Get instant help at the touch of a button

OneClass provides rigorous support for students 24/7. You can get immediate assistance via our official LINE account.

Awesome Content

Attractive design makes learning interesting.

What People Are Saying

The entire OneClass team is dedicated to creating a world beyond borders. 

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